Vending Station
The Problem
Consumers have 2 hydration choices at present, drinking tap water which is chlorinated, tastes bad and is full of pharmaceuticals or, drinking bottled water, which also contains harmful chemicals leached from the plastic bottles...

The Answer
Drink Up offers a unique hydration choice with boosts to seamlessly replace bottled water at a fraction of the cost. Drink Up's vending units act like healthy beverage stations creating ultra pure, Vitalized drinking water without the need to ship, truck, bottle or trash plastic bottles.

Drink Up Home Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System
The Drink Up Home Reverse Osmosis System filters water through four stages to ensure your water is free of the pathogens, dissolved solids and organics, pesticides and VOCs that lurk in your home's tap water.

Drink Up's Healthy Beverage Station
By hosting one of Drink Up’s vending machines, site owners, create a 24x7 revenue stream without having to do a thing. Drink Up will pay for, install and service every machine and in return pay a substantial percentage of the revenue to the site owner In addition , the site owner will gain the appreciation of their clients as well as their staff members for giving them this hydration choice, and earn huge environmental kudos for their company.

Many companies today like to look green by affiliating themselves with a charity.
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You can recharge and add credit to your Drink Up card using our online form.
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Drink up will offer a free Home filtration unit to anyone who refers a location.
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